About Us

Ahtna Construction and Primary Products Company LLC (ACPPC) was organized in 1974 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ahtna, Incorporated. Ahtna, Inc., with a strong sense of cultural pride and identity, strives to enhance the overall well-being of its shareholders through the wise stewardship of our natural resources and sustained growth and economic development for future generations. At Ahtna Construction we share the mission, vision, and values of our parent company and strive to achieve our own successes.

Provide safe, environmentally responsible, reliable, and cost-effective pipeline services that benefit Ahtna and its shareholders.

Preferred contractor for Alaska Pipeline Service Companies for spill response, repairs, and maintenance.

Our Values


We respect, value, and safeguard people, property, and the Alaska environment.


We share responsibility for Ahtna Construction’s mission and the resources entrusted to us. We value our communities, our business partners, and the shareholders we serve.


We leverage knowledge and creativity to continuously improve our operations and increase our efficiency.